When comparing an HTTP GET to an HTTP POST, what are the differences from a security perspective? Is one of the choices inherently more secure than the other? If so, why?

I realize that POST doesn't expose information on the URL, but is there any real value in that or is it just security through obscurity? Is there ever a reason that I should prefer POST when security is a concern?

Over HTTPS, POST data is encoded, but could URLs be sniffed by a 3rd party? Additionally, I am dealing with JSP; when using JSP or a similar framework, would it be fair to say the best practice is to avoid placing sensitive data in the POST or GET altogether and using server side code to handle sensitive information instead?

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As far as security, they are inherently the same. While it is true that POST doesn't expose information via the URL, it exposes just as much information as a GET in the actual network communication between the client and server. If you need to pass information that is sensitive, your first line of defense would be to pass it using Secure HTTP.

GET or query string posts are really good for information required for either bookmarking a particular item, or for assisting in search engine optimization and indexing items.

POST is good for standard forms used to submit one time data. I wouldn't use GET for posting actual forms, unless maybe in a search form where you want to allow the user to save the query in a bookmark, or something along those lines.

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