Uphill about 5 years ago my career was going fairly well, but separation, family deaths and a bit of illness caused me to make a couple of BAD career decisions, and I ended up in a dead end job doing mainly vb 6, though it was the end as mid to late 30, but was recently handed a break, working with a forward thinking vb.net company and I took the chance with both hands, been there 5 months now

Thing are going ok, spending a lot of time in places like this, and reading books, but coming from a C / Machine Code / VB 5 &6 background, I'm finding the little intracity of .NET lost on me, if I write code I wouldn't think to use delegates for example, has anybody got any advice on making the 'brain' VB.NET jump, or training I should be looking at (bear in mind that I'm not rich)

Thanks for your time

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Taking a introductory .NET course will be a good investment. It gives you a chance to focus on .NET for four or five days and build a good foundation.

The other choice is to use online resources and do self study. One suggestion (out of the ton that are out there) is to follow one of the webcast series available at http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/modernsoftdev.aspx?tab=webcasts. Although they are a little dates (they focus on Visual Studio 2005) they are designed for people like yourself.

The other suggestion is to find a local .NET user group. Spending some time with people and sharing exeriences will help you learn and will give you a chance to do some networking.

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