What is a good programming methodology for custom applications that need to be coded very fast and very customized? I realize the lack of requirements is a problem no matter what. Also how do you convince management to change their practices? Next question is how to you get people to stop writing 5000 line single file programs?

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There's more than one question that you ask.

  1. fast development with 'little' requirements => hacking using scripting language, assuming there are small or few requirements, as opposed to there are no stable or explicit requirements yet but there will be tons in the future
  2. fast development with tons of unstable, or implicit requirements => scrum, XP, etc. Focus on prototyping to get feedback from your customer about what he wants as soon as possible
  3. Get management to change their practices => Let the project crash as soon as possible ;-) Seriously, this requires you to be more specific on what you want to change. Your mileage depends of course on how dilbert-like your environment is, and how cynical you are about really achieving your goals.
  4. Getting people to stop writing 5K lines programs in a single file => Show them in what way it is a problem for you, how it would be equally easy to write better structured programs, show the benefit that they might have from it as well, and try to agree mutually on a better practice.
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