I'm using Azure mobile service to login an Angular/ionic app using Facebook.

client.login("facebook").then(function (data){
    console.log('logged in succesfully..')
}, function(error){
    console.log('login failed.');

The Facebook login page poped up and I entered email/password and it logged in successfully. Then it redirect to an Url


and the page just shows one sentence,

You do not have permission to view this directory or page. enter image description here

I closed window and then the failed callback is called and printed 'login failed' in the console.

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You are also using Ripple. See the following blog post on auth + mobile apps + Ripple. https://shellmonger.com/2016/04/04/30-days-of-zumo-v2-azure-mobile-apps-day-3-azure-ad-authentication/

The blog post covers AAD, but the Ripple + Mobile Apps information is valid for every auth provider.

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