When I load an WSDL file, the values for elements is by default appeared as follows:


Don't want this ? want to set another default value to be appeared as over there whenever I load any WSDL file in SOAPUI.

As I want to to load with with empty values for elements as :


Can any one Please help me to set the default value for SOAPUI?

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Yes, it is possible to change the default value other than ?. However, it will not generate empty elements in the request. Instead, it will have some example values generated by SoapUI.

All you need to do is to navigate

Menu -> File -> Preferences -> WSDL Settings -> then check the box for Sample Values [] Generates example values in requests when creating from schema.

Save the preferences.

Now create a request to see if the request elements contains example values.

For more details, please see the documentation.

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