Let say I get a inbound variable from an http connector when I use this URL

http://x.x.x.x:8080/post?post-message=Hallo wold.

How can I use the value of the #[header:INBOUND:post-message] accross the complete flow from after the HTTP connector all the way up tp the end. Should I use the Mule Object store to write it to ram?

This post shows the scope of variables but it seem there is not one thay can flow from start to en like a session bean


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  • If you need the variable available throughout the whole flow (and other flows reached through a flow-ref) use the invocation scope (set-variable to set, flowVars[] to read it)

  • If you need it to reach other flows through a transport (e.g. VM) put it in the outbound or session scope.

  • If you need it to live as long as the app is running, through different calls, use the Mule registry (volatile, only available as long as the app is up) or the object store (which can be configured as persistent, to hold state even if the app goes down).

Answer author Seba

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