I dont understand, why the result of this query displays duplicate month with different count number of sumbmission:

 [![SELECT      CAST(B.YearNum as varchar(10))+ ' Submitted'  as Type,
                1 as OrderNum,
                COUNT( ControlNo) Count,
                b.YearNum, b.MonthNum
    FROM        tblCalendar b 
                    LEFT JOIN   ClearanceReportMetrics a  ON b.MonthNum = MONTH(a.EffectiveDate) AND b.YearNum=YEAR(a.EffectiveDate)
                    AND CompanyLine = 'Plaza Insurance Company' AND Underwriter <> 'Batcheller, Jerry'
    WHERE       YEAR(EffectiveDate) IN (2016, 2015,2014)
    GROUP BY    b.YearNum, b.MonthNum, Type
    order by b.YearNum, b.MonthNum][1]][1]

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Most probably on of the source tables has type column .

select year + 1 as type, count(*)from (      values         (1, 2014, 1)      , (2, 2014, 2)    ) t (id,year, type)group by year, type
Answer author Serg

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