I recently purchased the MK802; Android 4.0 Mini PC. However, I am unable to install the apps I developed. I have tried using the 'adb devices' command but the device does not appear on the list. I have also downloaded the Andorid 4.0 SDK (the version used in th MK802) on my computer but still no luck. I also made sure to enable 'USB Debugging' and 'Unknown Sources' in the device settings.

I realize I can load my app from an SD card (but I would have to buy one); or that I can download my app onto the device by making it available on a server or the android marketplace but these options seem like too much effort just to install an app.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Simply adb over USB doesn't work (for now) The only thing that you can do is: USE WIRELESS ADB! This widget can help you on enabling it. Once you got everything up and running do an

adb connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

using as IP the ip address of the MK802. Once connected run an

adb shell

as usual to access the remote shell. Still the system is in heavy development (at least allwinner told so)

EDIT: Using a shorter USB cable could solve the issue!

Answer author Otacon

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