I am working on a project that requires a number of icons generated from a set of source images. I have a script that generates all the required images with judicious use of ImageMagick, although I have not found a suitable tool to package the images as icons.

I have a set of png files (from dimensions of 16x16 up to 256x256, and in a range of bit depths) and I would like to generate some nice vista icons in the build script. The closest tool I have found to what I need is png2ico, although this fails to cope with the large Vista icons, and does not support proper transparency in the icons it produces.

Before I invest time in writing such a tool, does anyone know of anything that will do the job?

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Since GConvert won't work for you, perhaps this will be more useful:

Resource Tuner Console

Resource Tuner Console is an efficient and highly customizable script driven resource editor with a command-line interface that supports the creation and editing of resources in 32- and 64-bit Windows EXE or DLL files.

See specifically the batch manipulation of icons page for some additional info:

Unrelated, but also may be useful: How to compile Windows Vista icons

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